Embarq develops premium WordPress membership sites for coaches and course creators.

Are you frustrated by the limitations of your current membership site?

Are you finally ready to make an upgrade?
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The membership site struggle

The struggle is real.
Been there?
You're not alone.

How Embarq resolves your struggles


Successful membership site framework


One of a kind masterpiece


Reduce churn and retain members


Use your own domain name


Stop wasting time and money


The tools you need

membership site dashboard


Use SEO best to rank for keywords in your industry


Integrate your CRM or email service to restrict content


Responsive website on a domain you control


Nearly everything works with WordPress

Why do industry heavyweights like ...

Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Ryan Levesque, Allie Bjerk, and Ryan Deiss ...

Use WordPress and LearnDash for their membership sites?

Embarq is growing

Coaches and course creators around the world are taking advantage of the power and flexibility of WordPress membership sites.




Course Modules




Course Lessons

Here’s what happy
customers are saying

You have a membership platform but...

You need more options

No Limitations

You feel limited by the lack of full control with your current platform


Easily make changes or add additional functionality


Freedom and ownership of your content. It's yours, use it how ever you want


Your system worked well when you started but isn't anymore

WordPress membership site benefits

Automate your site and finally stop trading time
for money

Tagging and automating your system in ways you never thought possible. Allowing you to have one seamless system instead of several duck taped tools.

Build a community of people with exceptional services

A community that is focused on improving each other while improving your offers.

Wow and delight your members with features not found in other systems

You’ll have control over what your membership site’s look and feel. Using your brand assets to create a sense of belonging that is instantly recognizable to your members.

Complete ownership over your systems and data

No more using several tools to accomplish everything a membership site needs. No more worrying about which platform to use.

The Heart of Your Offer

Build your courses

Often the heart of your membership, your courses need to be easy to use and offer great value in order to reduce churn and increase growth.


Courses are the parent system that house your modules and lessons.


Lessons are usually delivered in video form and can contain resources and materials.


Use modules to keep similar lessons grouped together within your course.


Evaluate your members progress and learning with quizzes.


Flawless customer onboarding ensures your first touchpoint will wow your members.


Providing customer service and support is at the heart of a great membership.


Allow your members to manage their passwords, payment methods, and more.


Make it easy for your members to find all their resources and materials.

Make it Easy to Support Your Members

Membership pages

Membership pages are all too often an after thought for many membership sites. Using a well designed system helps your members and your support team.

Encourage Your Members

Engagement amplifiers

Engagement amplifiers like gamification, certifications, points systems, leader boards, and badges encourage your members to progress through your material.


Building online courses? Gamification is the key to encourage your students to consume your content.

Points System

Give your students instant gratification with a points system. Let them climb the leader boards.


Use course certifications to create standardized learning and recognized achievements.


We are naturally drawn to complete objectives when a reward is given for our efforts.

Some items in our toolkit

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